Community Management is the New Black

Kudos to my fellow community manager, Teresa Basich, for the title of this post. In fact, while I am saying thank you, I want to take a moment and thank the team of great community managers I work with at Radian6: Teresa Basich, Gen Coates, Trish … [Read more]

Friday Five: BE Disruptive

The word 'disruptive' carries a lot of baggage. To some, it may be viewed as a positive characteristic or condition, but to others, the characteristic is less than flattering and the condition is avoided at all costs. I hear the term thrown around a … [Read more]

Friday Five: Dark Forest Theory

When I was a little girl, I wanted nothing more than to be a space architect. I would draw all kinds of structures for planets in galaxies far, far away. I was also a girl who was afraid of everything - things most kids did not worry about. I was … [Read more]

Friday Five: Social Trust

This semester, I am teaching Museum Informatics at the Harvard Extension School. Informatics is one of my favorite courses to teach - we cover data collection and use, visualization, and tech ethics. Teaching helps me focus my thoughts, talk through … [Read more]