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As a current university adjunct professor, Lauren is at ease speaking in front of audiences large and small. Her goal is to share knowledge in an easily digestible format and stimulate lively discussion to get the brain grooving on new ideas. Whether you need a speaker for your classroom, team of five or conference of 500, will give new life to community and digital strategy topics and delve into how to change company culture and build integrated marketing communication objectives and strategies.

Here are some topics Lauren is frequently asked to speak about:

  • Twelve Step Program for Communicators: If twelve step programs work for alcoholics and gamblers, the approach can surely be adapted to the rebuilding of public trust in the communications industry. One cannot make progress until he/she admits that one has a problem. To succeed in repositioning the industry, reform begins with the individual practitioner. Lauren discusses the twelve steps needed to help put the customer and community a priority in business strategy.
  • Socializing the Enterprise: There’s a huge amount of energy in the community/digital strategy space being focused on tools to implement social media objectives and strategies, but we can’t forget the human element involved: the enterprise that needs to be educated and the teams who will carry out these lofty new plans. The path to community/digital strategy integration won’t always be smooth, and it definitely won’t be immediate, but the key to making the transition as easy as possible is setting reasonable and realistic expectations. Now is the time for you to explore, ask questions, and put the social media boogieman to rest so you can achieve real success in the online social space.
  • Communication Metrics: Strategies will forever be contained to campaigns instead of invested programs if there are no measurable goals and objectives (aligned with overall business goals) in place prior to social media engagement. You have to know where you are going to obtain the results desired. What are you measuring? Why? Learn to speak the language of the C-Suite.

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