Blogging 101

Some readings to get you started: Marketing and Blogs: What Works The Blogosphere Survival Guide The 1.0 Guide to the Blogosphere for Marketers & Company Stakeholders Biz Blogging 101 - NewPR Wiki … [Read more]

Class 1: 23 October, 2006

Marketing, 8e by Lamb, Hair, McDaniel: Discuss Chapters 1, 3, 5 14 and 15 Additional reading: Marketing Transformation Eric Kintz: Marketing As a Key Driver of Business Growth Undercover Marketing Uncovered … [Read more]

Create Blog Account

Assignment #2 for week of 23 October, 2006: Create Blog Account What is a blog? Create a blog account from any of the following sources: Bloglines (free) Blogger (free) Wordpress (free) Typepad (cost) ***User Friendly … [Read more]

Create Bloglines Account

UPDATE: Not required, but useful. Use Bloglines or Google Reader for easy updates. Assignment #1 for week of 23 October, 2006: Create Bloglines Account Bloglines is a FREE online service for searching, subscribing, creating and sharing news feeds, … [Read more]