Listening Rediscovered

Are you a person who has World Cup fever or are you the person completely turned off by the mentions of three games a day, the drama of a loss or win, and block all mentions of World Cup in your social networks? If you are in the latter category, I … [Read more]

Big data is not just for big museums

Over the past year, I have been researching how museums can use big data to improve the visitor experience. Tonight, I will present my research at the Harvard Extension School Thesis Symposium. The following is the abstract of my thesis published in … [Read more]

New Thinking Space: Your Digital Tattoo

I vividly remember publishing my first blog post on Communicators Anonymous in 2005. The excitement of entering into a conversation with people I greatly respected helped me overcome the fear of the unknown. The blog was my platform to explore new … [Read more]

Book DNA 2013 and 2014 Reading Goals

It is long overdue. This blog has been quiet because I have been in the thick of writing my thesis. While I have been frantically writing to meet my education deadlines, I have found pockets of time to continue my escapism in the pages of a good … [Read more]

A Community Manager Must-Read

This blog has been on hiatus. I apologize for the sudden departure. It has been difficult sorting out my own thoughts and having time to think critically about blog post ideas (I do not lack draft posts!) in between researching and writing my thesis, … [Read more]

Exploratorium Revisited

Late last year, I had the opportunity to visit the Exploratorium. I was extremely psyched to check out the exhibits after reading about the museum in Nina Simon’s book, The Participatory Museum. Unfortunately, many exhibits were closed in preparation … [Read more]