Zany: If you can’t be famous, be infamous

3330849797_4aeca5b080 And so I am tonight. I would rather you hear it from me. So grab your tissue… No, you won't be sad at the telling of this story, but you will be howling with laughter so hard you will be crying.

I have publicly stated that I am book smart, but I have gaps in common sense.

Tonight I proved that…

It might be possible that I am the sole person who did not recognize Chris Pirillo tonight at the DFW tweet-up hosted by Giovanni. I talked to the man for 20 minutes after being introduced and then…

You guessed it…

I asked him who he was and what he did.

Yep. Open mouth, insert foot.

The man's brand is HIS FACE.

I must say, though, he needs to work on his elevator pitch.

Yes, I know who Chris is and what he has accomplished. No, I don't watch his live stream every waking minute. I may have other things going on… The last time I saw him live streaming was Gnomedex last year. And his Twitter avatar is a cartoon image.

Forgive me. I did not recognize the Internet celebrity.

This on the heels of a whirlwind five days at SxSWi where the entire trip is about meet and greet. I was in the zone.


Chris handled my F*up with grace. Quite humbling, really. In fact I saw less important people than him at SxSWi this past week who frowned upon others and took their miniscule fandom a bit too seriously. Not Chris. I am mighty impressed. Of course, in the scheme of things, Chris will most likely not remember me or my screw-up…I wish I could bury it, but it was done before Giovanni!

Tough luck, kiddo.

Here is an important lesson. Just when I think a little to highly of myself and my talents…my ego gets flattened. This is a good thing.

So, thank you to Chris for laughing it up tonight and playing along.

(Photo courtesy, the man himself, 10ckergn0me.)

Zany: "To thine own self be kind," says Gilbert

This past Tuesday, I had the opportunity to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas as part of the Arts & Letters Live series hosted by the Dallas Museum of Art. If you haven't already guessed from previous posts, Gilbert is one of my favorite (currently living) authors. Her easy and authentic prose is a style I try to emulate.

I want to share the gold nuggets of inspiration Gilbert passed along to her audience…Enjoy:

  • "Listen to the whispers or soon you'll be listening to the screams." Gilbert's Brazilian husband reminded her of this saying as Gilbert struggled with the writing of her latest book. Surprisingly, the book is about marriage. The day she went to Kinkos to print out the manuscript for her publisher, Gilbert realized the book did not sound like her and she could not connect with the writing on the pages. Gilbert asked her publisher to delay the book after she became physically ill with the notion of releasing the book as is. Gilbert took six months to clear her mind. She packed the book in a box and hid it underneath her bed. Gilbert built a home, started a garden and got a cat named Clifford…all firsts for this energetic and travel-bound author.
  • "Drawing is taking a line for a walk." Gilbert quoted artist Paul Klee and said she followed this line of thinking when she took the manuscript from underneath her bed and began to work once again on the project. The manuscript (recently completed) was reborn with a perfect first sentence giving birth to another sentence building another sentence.
  • "Writing is how I figure out what I am thinking." If you read EPL, you know it was Gilbert's intention never to remarry. Life changes. Gilbert married the Brazilian from EPL and now they live happily in New Jersey. However, marriage was a necessity enforced by DHS! For ten months, Gilbert and her fiance lived in Southeast Asia while his visa requirements were put in order. During that time…before the dreaded "m" word took place, Gilbert researched the history of marriage and examined her opposing feelings.

Gilbert wrapped up the one hour talk and twenty minutes Q & A by saying, "To thine own self be kind." Listen to your body for it will speak truer than your mind or heart.

A positively brilliant and inspiring talk! Gilbert even signed both of my books (EPL in English and Portuguese)! I am still riding the high…

Some zany related elements to share:

Zany: Creative Genius

I have shared this before… Each Spring, since it was published, I have read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I relate and feel connected to her words about her physical and spiritual journey. Reading the book now is like Spring cleaning for my soul. I know the book like the back of my palm. In many ways it is my story too.

Next Tuesday, I will have the opportunity to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert at the Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas next Tuesday, 24 February. I am psyched! I will be bringing both of my Eat, Pray, Love books (English and Portuguese versions) in hopes that I can get an autograph or talk to the author I strive to emulate.

While you probably cannot join me on Tuesday evening, I invite you to view Elizabeth Gilbert recently speaking at TED:

Zany: Dallas Twestival met and exceeded goal to raise $4,302!

3276615945_4ec56c5eab Three weeks ago, I did a crazy thing, I signed up Dallas/Fort Worth to be a participating city in the global Twestival. Three weeks ago, I put out a call over Twitter asking for volunteers to help put on such a venture. Thirteen other crazy people I had never met before volunteered to make Dallas Twestival happen. In three weeks, over Twitter, email and numerous conference calls, we organized our first Twestival…not to be our last. Although, we will start planning at least 51 weeks in advance of Dallas Twestival 2010!

The Twestivals were held in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America. Dallas’ event was at Mockingbird Station, where tweeters and non-tweeters, alike met to enjoy live music by local artists, take in a free film at Angelika Theater and eat good food and drink.

The Dallas Twestival was 100% volunteer and donation driven. There was no overhead for the event. All proceeds benefited Charity:Water. Dallas’ goal was to raise $4,000, roughly the cost of drilling one water well in Central Africa. We met and exceeded goal to raise $4,302 and counting!

Thank you to the brilliant people I worked with to make this event a reality, our generous sponsors in tough economic times and to the Dallas Twestival goers who came to the event.

(I am the crazy person with purple glasses in above pic! Those in pic are volunteer chairs.)

Zany: Wear Your Red Proudly

Late last year, I had the privilege of working with one of the American Heart Association affiliate marketing communication teams. We discussed how to integrate social media tools in their programs. See their progress!

Today is Wear Red Day…check out! Are you wearing red today? My pal, Connie Reece colored her signature pink boa red today, so why don't you slip on something red and get involved in this community.

Zany: Want some social media with your delicious juice?

Then you "wannajuice"!

3165983487_4c711e2d4c As you may know or inferred from my tweets, I took a blissful trip to Paris to celebrate the coming of 2009. I also went completely dark on the blog(s) and Twitter for an entire week. Now when you are in Paris, it is not difficult to distract yourself from the daily drama of social media.

However, I was ecstatic when we popped into a juice shop and saw this sign! Oh my fingers were tingling with the itch to find a keyboard! Just seeing the words "blog" and "facebook" made my mouth water! So, if you want to test out your French or perhaps visit this fabulous juice shop in Paris next time you are there, get social first!

(Photo courtesy leonardocsouza.)