Friday Five: Thinking about context

Of all the things rattling around in my brain, I keep coming back to ‘context’ – what is it? How do I ensure what I am researching, writing, and packaging is created with the end user or consumer in mind and not overly influenced by my own agenda? Here are five of the resources I have consumed this week to challenge how I unpack and examine ‘context’:

  1. Podcast: #30 Collaboration and Competition with Margaret Heffernan via The Knowledge Project, released March 13, 2018
  2. Tweet:This is such a thought-provoking piece @MikeJonesPhD! One of the things I keep grappling with is – what context? What and whose context do museums bring/not bring, what do we foreground and what do we forget? We can’t go back, but what are we taking forwards with us? And why?” By @SFKassim August 8, 2019
  3. Article: Tristram Hunt and the de/recontextualisation of museum artefacts by Mike Jones
  4. Book: (actually a research study – #longread) Relevant repositories of public knowledge? Perceptions of archives libraries and museums in modern Britain by Bob Usherwood, Kerry Wilson, and Jared Bryson
  5. Video: To design better tech, understand context (TEDGlobal 2017)
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