Friday Five: How would you define leadership?

As part of the One by One fellowship, I am exploring the following research question: How might we locate leadership by exploring the value of a digital hub / commons as a site for shared skills development? ‘Leadership’ is a term that means many things to many people. Here are some of the resources I am using to help me unpack the characteristics and actions of a leader.

  1. Podcast: MWI: The Twenty-First-Century General, with Dr. Anthony King – this podcast explores the concept of ‘collective command’.
  2. Tweet:Courageous leadership is a practice. We have great free downloads and resources on our Dare to Lead hub. Stay brave, awkward, and kind.via @Brene Brown – July 19, 2019 - I have found these resources to be extremely helpful as I explore the competencies and capabilities of a leader, as well as, those competencies and capabilities that may be achieved by anyone when enabled by a great leader.
  3. Article: Why Digital Leadership Rocks the Boat by Robin Knowles – this article explores how three distinct waves of disruption may be forging a new breed of digital leaders.
  4. Book: The Hedgehog and the Fox by Isaiah Berlin - this book is a favorite and a resource I consistently tap when exploring the competencies and capabilities of leaders.
  5. Video: What is Servant Leadership? by Agile at Barclaycard – this video explores the concept of ‘servant leadership’ as a key enabler of agile principles and practices.

How would you define leadership? What makes a great leader? Please share your go-to resources for characterizing leaders.

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