Friday Five: Tech Ethics

Let me hear your best Jeff Goldblum impression:

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

In this week’s Friday Five, I am exploring tech ethics. The topic was on my mind last week on the heels of participating in a panel discussion about museums and AI. You know that feeling, right – when something is rattling around inside your skull and you can’t quite be rid of the thought until you mold it into something that makes sense?

This week, everything I am reading has some connection to the Apollo moon landing anniversary – people are stretching to make the case for greater risk for greater good and innovation. And all I keep thinking is, are we taking time to consider any unintended consequences or reflect on if we are spending time and energy on innovation in the right places and spaces?

So, here are my top five thought starters of the week:

  1. Podcast: (Listen to this first: Note to Self – February 21, 2017: Privacy, Data Survivalism and a New Tech Ethics) + ZigZag – June 6, 2019: Why Craiglist’s Founder Just Wrote COnsumer Reports a $6m Check
  2. Tweet: Vishal Kumar’s highlights from the #MuseumAI event at Barbican Centre
  3. Article: Why You Should Study Philosophy by Ryan Holiday
  4. Book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelias
  5. Video: The Veil of Ignorance
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