Letting go and making way for a new adventure

When I published my first blog post in 2004, I never could have imagined how much my life and career would change over fourteen years. During this time, my blog has transformed three times. Initially, my blog, Communicators Anonymous, focused on the trials of a young, early career PR professional. My obsession with data and how communicators should understand their communities beyond mere personas kicked off the second iteration of the blog known as, The Root Report. Then, in 2010, I dubbed my blog, Your Digital Tattoo, to convey and discuss the permanence of our individual digital bread crumb trails.

I won’t be renaming my blog with this next career transition. The digital tattoo concept is more relevant today. Instead, I will be expanding the discussion of digital transformation journeys, importance of community management, and the need for digital literacy development, beyond Corporate America. There is much that can be learned and transferred between the private industry and the cultural sector.

Since 2012, I have been working toward moving from the private industry to the cultural sector. It has been a long road for everyone involved! Earlier this year, I leapt without a net – I resigned from an executive position in a successful financial services company and focused on completing my PhD dissertation on digital data collection and use. What is the saying? When one door closes, another opens. I have accepted a 15-month research position in the United Kingdom! As anyone who has been through an international move knows, the visa process is complicated. Once all the i’s have been dotted and t’s crossed, I will follow-up with more details about this position in future posts.

My social media habits and personal content marketing have changed dramatically over the past couple of years. When I was no longer the face or voice of a brand, I took the opportunity to take a step back and observe digital behaviors. Now, I am back and ready to contribute a consistent voice once again. On this blog, I will detail my new adventures in the cultural sector, as well as, further explore the digital neighborhood + urban planning ideas I have been road-testing for the past five years.

My curiosity is insatiable – I hope you will join me as I embark on this new adventure!

And what better time to announce the publication of The Routledge Handbook of Museums, Media and Communication. Inside, you will find my first published chapter in museum studies – Smart media: Museums in the new data terroir. I am honored to be included among such brilliant voices of our generation.

All details for how to order this text, are in this flyer: flyer-final-USD

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  • http://v3b.com Shelly Kramer

    You go, girl. I’m so excited for this next, new adventure!

  • Michelle Moon

    Congratulations, LAuren. It was great to share a class with you at the start of your journey and I’m excited to learn about what you’re doing now. I hope our paths will cross again! All the best for your new adventure.

  • http://soloprpro.com KellyeCrane

    Lauren, this is amazing! You are a natural scholar and I can’t wait to hear more about your position. They are lucky to have you!

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