Be present

As you scroll through your social media feeds, you may notice people around you choosing one word or three to represent their goals for 2016. This practice is beautiful and if it can be maintained, may become a brilliant habit. We should set aside time for similar reflection and practice into our work lives or businesses. Knowing what your customers have been doing or predicting what they will be doing is extremely important and not to be discounted, but what are your customers or communities served doing now? Are you addressing their current issues to ensure a happier and healthier day and tomorrow?

If we can get the small daily details of service and experience design improved or solved, this is BIG news to your customer and communities. What may seem small and insignificant annoyances in the current customer journey are extremely important now to your community and will impact if they continue to choose you. We (you, companies, vendors…others) talk about the customer journey – Remember, it is just that, a journey. Along this journey we must progress and course correct as needed. As you plan your activities for the new year, think about how you can be present and accountable.

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  • C.C. Chapman

    Well said and welcome to the new year.