New Thinking Space: Your Digital Tattoo

I vividly remember publishing my first blog post on Communicators Anonymous in 2005. The excitement of entering into a conversation with people I greatly respected helped me overcome the fear of the unknown. The blog was my platform to explore new learning opportunities. Sometimes the lesson was about how to better handle criticism and not just the lessons learned experimenting with the shiny tools. I outgrew this space and created the Root Report blog in 2008 when my career took a new direction and I was hired at Radian6. The blog became my professional outlet to expand beyond tactical discussions and begin hacking away at strategy and corporate culture transformation issues.

Blogging has not come easy the past two years. The Root Report was dying on the vine and along with it, taking my confidence. No content calendar or post-conference high could help me get Root Report back on track. The space was not a comfortable place to address the unknown as I had on Communicators Anonymous. I had written myself into a corner. The pressure to rise above the white noise was not coming from anyone, but myself. I knew I needed to take a step back and think about who I was, what was important, and give myself permission to keep questioning and learning.

Welcome to my new blog and thinking space, Your Digital Tattoo. The Communicators Anonymous and Root Report blogs no longer exist, but the content remains on this site and as part of my overall digital breadcrumb trail. These posts, alongside my blog comments, Spotify playlists, Goodreads lists, and Twitter and Facebook status updates, are my digital tattoo. My thoughts and theories have evolved and in some cases, matured. The digital exhaust has not always been pretty, but when the activity is aggregated, the image is a clear depiction of Lauren Vargas.

Community Management + Digital Strategy + Urban Planning + Museums + Writing + Reading

This space is once again my safe learning haven and laboratory.

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  • Chel Wolverton

    Yay! New place and new thoughts to share. Get to writing!

  • KellyeCrane

    Congratulations, Lauren! You are a true Renaissance woman and you always have such a unique take on the topics you address. Good for you for taking a step back and making the adjustments that will keep you energized — I can’t wait to read what comes next!