A Community Manager Must-Read

This blog has been on hiatus. I apologize for the sudden departure. It has been difficult sorting out my own thoughts and having time to think critically about blog post ideas (I do not lack draft posts!) in between researching and writing my thesis, two summer courses, a FT job…and oh, raising a family. Yikes! The mass transit commutes have increased and the insomnia has not decreased, so I have not been slacking in my consumption of books.

You may have noticed I have recommended Civility in the Digital Age by Andrea Weckerle on Twitter and Facebook as a must-read for community managers or anyone with frontlines communication responsibilities. Weckerle, an attorney, picks apart the anatomy of a conflict and helps readers understand and identify their own conflict management style for improved online communications. I have consistently used this book and supporting CiviliNation site as a resource for internal community manager training and have found this group receptive to the foundational skills outlined in this text.

This is why I am so excited about the indiegogo campaign for the CiviliNation Academy for Online Conflict Management. “Think ‘Khan Academy’ but with a conflict management focus.” There are only eight days remaining to help CiviliNation reach their goal to offer this much-needed training for FREE. I have never been compelled to give more than $25 to any cause. This campaign and need for such a training resource struck such a chord within that I knew I needed to give $250 of my personal income. Watch this short video, send it to your co-workers and friends, and learn more about the proposal. Please consider giving what you can to help launch the CiviliNation Academy. As community managers, we are not only stewards of online communities, but participants – conflicts avoid no one. Know how and when to engage. Lead by example.

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