Mountains and Molehills in Community

I am sure you have heard the expression of “making a mountain out of a molehill” meaning that someone is over exaggerating an issue or the reverse, understating the issue. Community managers need to be able to discern the molehills from the mountains. This will be an EXTREMEMLY short post, because there are considerations only you can reflect on and then take action.

Negative posts can take the form of a molehill. Ignoring or making a knee-jerk response can turn the mention into a mountain. You do not have the power to control others, but you have the power to control the response and additional engagement or action from your organization. You have the power to turn a molehill into a mountain. When you do not have a supporting policy / process structure and strong internal engagement, you open the door to turning any mention across any channel into a reputation management issue.

I have seen community managers move mountains, but don’t make this a daily event. Take some time to understand what is being said across all channels on/offline and the community journey by topic. Knowledge is one of the powers needed to be able to discern a molehill from a mountain.

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