Book DNA: Holiday Wish List

It is no secret that I read a lot of books. Also, I give a lot of books to friends and family. It is the way I show how much I care. The connection with a book is a deep and spiritual experience for me that I try to share with others. I am quite particular about the books I give people because I want them to understand that I listen to them and connect to their essence. Sounds a bit hokey? Perhaps, but I am teaching my daughter it is important to read and give books that are meaningful. It is a rule in our house to always bring a book as a present to a birthday party!

So, it should come as no surprise that books will occupy a great deal of physical and virtual space under the tree. Over the past month, I have sifted through my Book DNA map, must-read lists and other resources to select the following books to give and to get. Please enjoy:

Honorable Mentions

Children’s Books

For additional recommendations, some of our favorite books are on the Brain Pickings: The Best of Children’s Books of 2010.

Stocking Stuffers

Dear Santa, if you are reading this please consider the following books to stuff my stocking:

This year, we are breaking down and getting the kidlette a Nook. The following e-books will be loaded for her pleasure on Christmas morning:

Next week, the vlog is back with another five selections from the updated Book DNA map (link to map). I am never without a book and have a must-read list a mile long. For additional recommendations, visit the Brain Pickings Bookshelf, check out the Books on the Nightstand Holiday Give/Receive List (yes, there is overlap with this list)  and listen to the Books on the Nightstand podcast. Your brain will never go hungry.

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  • C.C. Chapman

    Thank you for including my book on the list. Of course now you are going to cost me a TON of money as I go off and have to read a bunch of these since I trust your judgement.

    • Lauren Vargas

      See? I knew I was forgetting a book…Letting Go that I sent to you. Also, I went on a bit of a book spree myself earlier this week! We won’t tell…

  • CarissaO

    I love how much care and energy you put into your book choices. I know you care as much about the experiences we may have through the pages as you do about your own love of them. Thank you, friend. Looking forward to diving in…:) 

    • Lauren Vargas

      You are getting a book. Now the fun is deciding what book you will receive… ;)

  • Nvargas

    Thank you for reading Racing in the Rain.