Book DNA: Literal Humor

For this edition of Book DNA, I thought I would go back to my childhood. One book, or set of books about the same protagonist, cannot be grouped with any other books. This character is independent. Amelia Bedelia. You know, the maid, who is constantly taking figures of speech literally and causing mayhem? Amelia is told to dress the chicken, so she puts clothes on the chicken. Or she is asked to dust the furniture, so Amelia throws dust on all of the furniture. I laugh and laugh. It is Friday, after all, you know you need a laugh or two going into the holiday vacation.

I often joke about how I am a book-smart person and I was not born with common sense. Perhaps this is why I find Amelia Bedelia so amusing. As an adult, I find the books a helpful reminder of how people understand phrases of speech differently and it is dangerous to assume people comprehend your meaning or perspective.

So, next time you see me in a Threadless shirt and I tell you it is an artistic interpretation of world record, or plaid-ypus, and I laugh hysterically, just laugh with me and not at me, OK?

No volg today-winter cold! Each week we will explore the next five all time favorite and impactful books that have shaped my book DNA. For additional reading recommendations, please review the Book DNA category.

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