Book DNA: October Book Club Selection

We did it! Last week, we held our first Book DNA club (virtual) meeting to discuss the book, The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont. And yes, we chatted an ENTIRE hour via Google Hangout just about the book. On a scale of one-to-five (one being the least desirable read and five being a Book DNA selection), I would give this book a solid three. If you have not read the book or are in the middle of the book, trudge through to the end.

This book has a lot of layers transcending teen angst. Perhaps that is the biggest downfall of the book? There are just too many layers being woven into a Big Idea that is fuzzy at best. With the exception of the protagonist, all other characters are one-dimensional. It is hard to care for any one of them…there are so many characters! But perhaps that is the point? As one reader suggested, maybe this lack of development was intentional by the author and each character represents an attribute of the protagonist. One can only have fun speculating.

We won’t ruin the ending for you (except to tell you that it was tied too neatly with a bow), but we would like to share some interesting tidbits from the book:

  • Novels referenced in this book: O Pioneers, The Awakening, The Scarlet Letter, Moby Dick, The Sun Also Rises, and The Motion of Light in Water. In fact, in keeping with the Book DNA theme, we wanted to choose The Motion of Light in Water as our October book, but the text was not available in large quantity on Amazon or in digital format.
  • The character names, Aidan, Nadia, and Diana are all anagrams. <—Isn’t that neat? On purpose?
  • If you are a sailor or feel the love of the sea, this book will speak to you and the metaphors may make more sense than they did for me (but I didn’t shy away from looking up the meaning of those nautical terms).

The October book has been randomly selected from the list of suggestions requested in August. If you would like to add to the list, please add to the post comments. We will be discussing The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul on Wednesday, 10 October at 8:30pm.

If you would like to continue the September book or RSVP for the virtual meeting on 10 October, let me know and I will include you in the No Nonsense Book DNA Club. There are no rules. Drop in every month or every two months. All we ask is that we RSVP the day before so we can schedule a Hangout or conference bridge. Let’s have fun! Be respectful. Broaden perspectives…diversify your book DNA.

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  • Jason Konopinski

    I want in! 

    • gradontripp

      Say no! :)

  • Melanie Thompson

    I would love to join in the fun next month! It sounds like September was a big hit with interesting discussion! =)

  • Lauren

    Both are added!