May the odds be in our favor #SxSW 2013

As you may have noticed from the Book DNA mind map I posted earlier this week, I like YA and dystopian fiction. Just a bit.

Inspiration can come from a book, the lyrics of a song, or the obituaries. There is a never-ending supply of information and lessons we can apply to our personal and professional lives. So, when the wicked smart and fellow book enthusiast, Vanessa Rhinesmith, asked me if I would be interested in participating in a SxSW panel discussion about community management and lessons learned from the YA books we devour, I had to jump on the opportunity. 

I understand the hesitation to promote SxSW sessions. With so many voices and topics in the mix, the process for selecting content is far from perfect. I have not voted for any sessions…yet. Tomorrow, I will browse the topics and make my selections. I am looking for sessions that are outside of the box, will not be presentations found in any other venue, and created by fresh voices. If you plan on attending the conference next year (this will be my 7th SxSW), please take a moment to vote. And if you are intrigued by the description of our session, we thank you for your vote. I (in this instance, I can’t speak for Vanessa) plan on a Hunger Games inspired outfit if our session is chosen.

8 Lessons on Community from The Hunger Games:

What can books like The Hunger Games and other young adult fiction (YA) teach us about online community management, best practices in engagement, and the cultivation of loyalty? Perhaps, more than you think.

YA fiction often leads the reader into a struggling world seeping with compelling constraints and heavy expectations. The heroine or hero finds her or himself striving to make the world a more righteous place. Often taking the lead within a greater community that is in need or want of direction, resources, and/or growth.

Thematic parallels between life in Dystopian societies and online community ecosystems present a fun point of reflection as we look to focus on raw elements necessary for community building and management.

During this session we will enter the vividly dark worlds of The Hunger Games, Unwind, Divergent, Graceling, and other YA literature to provide attendees an atypical context for strengthen and tuning their community management skills.

Additional Sessions of Interest:

Ten selections to activate the taco cravings. And may the odds be ever in your favor. If you have any sessions we should know about, please tell us in the comments.

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