Musings of #Muse2012

This past weekend, I was a writer. I mean, I have always considered myself a writer, but have yet to quit my day job. This past weekend, I was not surrounded by social media and marketing jargon (alright, not that much) and surrounded by creative folks of all stripes, all fueled by the same desire to share their stories. I did not suffer the Sunday blues because I was too high on Cloud 9 to be bothered with the inevitable manic Monday.

Normally, I do not tweet in such high volume at a conference because so many others in my “space” are in attendance and sharing the same tidbits. I just couldn’t contain myself at #Muse2012. This weekend, I wanted to share a glimpse into the force behind Grub Street writers to those who also consider themselves writers and do not live in the area. I have shared (and updated) a recap of the conference on Storify. Please check out the insights shared and start following this brilliant group of people.

Other than what I and others have tweeted, I wanted to share these notes:

  1. Give yourself permission to tell your story. – Anita Diamant
  2. What works for one writer does not always work for another; embrace the messiness and distill the narrative weave. – Julia Alvarez
  3. Content isn’t king…culture is. Books are the social glue that allows people to have conversations about matter of deep import because they share commonality because a writer spends 15hrs whispering in their ear. – Richard Nash
  4. Cultivate a writerly mind. – Ethan Gilsdorf
  5. The same passion you have for writing must also be applied to editing. – Ann Hood

Now, go write!

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  • Becca

    I always wanted to write and put up my own blog site about my life and daily routine.But what keeps
    me skeptical is my grammar is not perfect and i really need to fine tune it first. Thanks for the tips here
    it means a lot for me as aspiring writer.

    • Lauren

      The writing will improve as you write. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions. Just take a leap and learn as you go.

  • Sara

    Some great takeaways. Thanks for sharing, Lauren. Planning to do some writing this summer. What about you?

    • Lauren

      I have started a new routine and a writing group to force me into the habit of writing weekly. By the end of the summer, I want to have a first draft of my novel.