Friday Hi-5 Features, 9 September 2011

Welcome to today’s Friday Hi-5 Features! Each week we will explore the best picks in the following categories: technology/tool; fiction book; non-fiction book; post of the week; and offline inspiration.

This week, an “education” theme was evident in all of the selections.


Khan Academy: How many of us sit at the kitchen table with our kids and spend the evening trying to figure out their homework? Admit it. Along the way we discarded how to deconstruct a sentence and long division to leave room for the other items we were learning. Or if you are like me, I will be happy to tackle English homework, but any math word problems makes me sweat. No thank you. So, on those days when continuous learning is required (for me or the kidlette), I turn to Khan Academy. The courses are split into easy to digest modules in plain language. Give it a try. I suggest beginning with statistics.

Non-Fiction Book

The Element by Sir Ken Robinson: If you have not already done so, take the time now to watch Both of Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talks. You may not have extensive concerns about how our schools are structured and how our children learn using antiquated methodology, but you will be inspired once you hear and read the stories shared.  Discover your element and then help others discover the same gift within themselves.

Fiction Book

Childhood’s End by Arthur C. Clark: This 50’s science fiction novel depicts the pros and cons of a near-utopia. The aliens govern through indirect rule and may even remind you of a few present-day industries and organizations. Follow the human race as they evolve into a Golden Age. Reflect on how you have learned, who taught you…and how you have grown.

Post of the Week

Back to (the wrong) school by Seth Godin: “As long as we embrace (or even accept) standardized testing, fear of science, little attempt at teaching leadership and most of all, the bureaucratic imperative to turn education into a factory itself, we’re in big trouble. The post-industrial revolution is here. Do you care enough to teach your kids to take advantage of it?

Offline Inspiration

I have read the book, The Element, by Sir Ken Robinson immediately following his TED Talk, but this week I listened to it on audiobook. Hearing the written word spoken by him was mesmerizing. His dry sense of humor and articulation made the stories new once more.

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