Friday Hi-5 Features, 23 September 2011

Welcome to today’s Friday Hi-5 Features! Each week we will explore the best picks in the following categories: technology/tool; fiction book; non-fiction book; post of the week; and offline inspiration.

This week, I am switching things up a bit. Think about others. How are you making those in your communities the hero of the conversation or shared experiences? Whether it be a neighbor, Twitter acquaintance or participating in the Blue Key drive, how are you stepping out of the limelight and letting other folks soak up the attention?

Where in the world will you find Lauren?
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  • MikeSansone

    great points! have you picked up a copy of “It’s Not About You” which just hit the bookshelves this week? #INAY  Right along the lines of all five of your points:-)  Great motivation, thanks!