Friday Hi-5 Features, 2 September 2011

Welcome to today’s Friday Hi-5 Features! Each week we will explore the best picks in the following categories: technology/tool; fiction book; non-fiction book; post of the week; and offline inspiration.

This week, a “smiling” theme was evident in all of the selections.


Kickstarter: (WATCH this video!) Support artists and back a project that speaks to you…or in this case, sings to you. My friend, C.C. Chapman has rockin’ (literally) taste in music and yesterday I read one of his tweets about Kickstarter artist, Nataly Dawn. If the video doesn’t make you want to fall in love with her, check her out on iTunes or YouTube.

Fiction Book

I Don’t Know Hos She Does It by Allison Pearson: So, you may have seen the trailers for the movie with Sarah Jessica Parker based on this book, but don’t be deceived. Before you watch the movie, please read the book. The protagonist is actually English-not a New Yorker-and the wit of this book is unmatched. Are you a mom? Stressed? Always working? Take a break. You will be laughing by the end of the first page.

Non-Fiction Book

The Accidents of Style by Charles  Harrington Elster: After you have completed your morning affirmations, read a lesson about how not to write badly. A page a day will have your writing and speech sparkling in no time!

Post of the Week

You Don’t Need to Know Everything by Dave Fleet: Over the past two years, I have been preaching the value of listening. Active listening goes beyond discovery of brand mentions. This behavior is first demonstrated on a personal then professional level. As I begin my fourth week on the new job, I have done a lot of listening. What am I listening for? Desires, challenges…anything that helps me understand the person/team and how I may be of service. It is not about arriving on the scene as a conqueror or almighty guru, but understanding what is of value to those I will serve. Like Dave, I have thoughts I will contribute, but there is a time and a place for every action.

Offline Inspiration

In preparation for blog posts next week, rent or stream The September Issue.

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