Add a Dash of Romance to Your Community

Now there are several people (including me) who have suggested of thinking of social networks as a cocktail party. You have to mingle, make courteous introductions and be welcoming. And this advice is great, but now that you have been investing more time and resources into your social media initiatives, perhaps it is time to raise the bar.

Add a dash of romance.

You heard me.

Now for some, romance equates to sweaty palms and feeling at a complete loss. Believe me, I am one of those folks. My husband, however, is a hopeless romantic. Many of you that have known me for awhile may know my husband and I met on Twitter. Here is the back story (my version and his version). My husband had some work to do to convince me that he was not a stalker or a serial killer from Brazil luring me somewhere…fears of being sent back to my family and friends in chopped up pieces danced in my head.

What kept me wanting more then and today is that he was emotionally invested in me. He actively listened to me. It was the small things like love songs translated from Portuguese to English, sending me a Wired Magazine filled with post-its of his thoughts…and, OK, dinners in Paris, that really sent me over the edge. On Sunday, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary.

More and more people are showing up at the party. You have to do more than just turn up the charm. You have to woo your community. You have to go beyond one-off contests. You have to show them that you recognize the little things and that they are a big deal to your organization.

It is time to turn up the heat.

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