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My Mission (And I Choose to Accept)

Two years ago, 7 August, my position at Radian6 was announced, I married the same day and made Boston Podcamp our honeymoon. In fact, August 2009-August 2010 was filled with every possible life change. What can I say? When I choose to go all in…I go all in. Adaptation was the name of the game.

These past two years have felt like 20. Don’t get me wrong…this is not a negative statement. As I look back, I cannot believe how many people I have met and what we have accomplished together. Transitioning to Radian6 after working in the DoD for eight years was anything but simple. Ask David, I still call him Sir. Having a formal communications style was both a strength and a weakness. Over time, I think I managed to lighten up a bit. Just a bit.

Thank you to David Alston and Amber Naslund for taking a chance on me and giving me the wonderful opportunity of working for Radian6. It has been an adventure! Very rarely did either David or Amber tell me no. They let me explore and grow into the position. The entire Radian6 family is quite close and I am thankful for the support of all of them. You couldn’t ask for a better set of folks to work with each day.

To my community team-this parting is bitter sweet. Each of you has so much to offer and both Radian6 and the community have much to look forward to because I know you will blow their socks off. Living the life of a community manager is rough. There are times when you are lonely, frustrated by the lack of too many people, or just frazzled by how quickly our world moves. At the end of the day, though, I knew each of you would always be there doing what you do best. Thank you.

This Monday, 8 August, I will begin a new adventure as the Community Management Strategist for Aetna. Thank you to Chuck Hemann who invited me to participate on a panel at Blogworld NYC. He set this ball in motion and inadvertently played matchmaker because he also invited Jim Storer to participate on the panel, who brought Dan Brostek of Aetna to the panel too! And just like that, lightening in a bottle. Thank you, Chuck and Jim for introducing me to Dan.

And just while I am saying so many thank yous, I cannot forget to say thank you to you. And you. And you.

Thanks to all of you who have supported me over the years, challenged me, and accepted me just as I am.