Friday Features: SxSWi Round Up

On my former blog, I used to end the week with a zany thought or resource. While I still have some extremely zany thoughts, it would be best to focus on your thoughts and experiences…let’s connect and share great things that are happening in our space.

Who isn’t still recovering from the madness that was SxSW Interactive? With almost 19k participants, there were many people to meet, content to digest, and strange sites to live on through Facebook. In the midst of all the hubbub, we could not forget the tragedy that occurred in Japan. Check out #SxSWCares and the partnership with the American Red Cross that Deb NG and Leigh Durst initiated. Kudos to them for rising above the petty parties and putting this effort into action and to folks like Aaron Strout who keep the cause at the forefront.

Not able to attend SxSW? Or perhaps you had a bit too much fun and did not have time to pay attention to all that happened while you were there? AdvertisingAge has a spectacular round-up of SxSW coverage. Catch up!

Who did not have QR code on their marketing collateral? Tom Martin asks, QR Codes: Game Changer or Passing Fad?

Speaking of games…it appears the new buzz word is “gamification” and people are rushing to add a “game layer” to their tactics. Don’t rush to jump on this bandwagon until you have put in time for critical thought about how this integrates with your current strategies. If you haven’t already read these books, put them on your reading list:

And if you want some science behind the gamification of communities, check out this series by Lithium’s Principle Scientist of Analytics, Michael Wu, Ph.D.

Happy reading until next Friday!

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