Building Relationships with the Digerati

This PRSA conference session was packed! With good reason. All of us have seen the countless examples of blogger relations gone bad. This panel wanted to set the record straight about how to build mutually beneficial relationships within social media.

The panel consisted of:

If you want to see the back channel chatter of this session, research #digit.

Key Take-Aways:

  1. Bloggers are talent, not journalists – But, that does not mean they should not get the same respect as journalists.
  2. Enjoyment, not product reviews, are drive for bloggers – Do not belittle their passion or opinions.
  3. Bloggers want PR people to know them before contacting them – This is good ole’ fashioned public relations requiring one to do their homework before making contact and be personal.
  4. Maximize opportunities and look across the spectrum – Do not focus all of your efforts on the most popular bloggers and bring those less well known into the fold.
  5. Feed their passion – Rather than automatically putting the hammer down on bloggers within your own organization, give them social media training, writing and coaching…even a Flip video 101 tutorial!

Remember, this is about human relationships. Just because the relationship is conducted online does not change the elements of interaction. If your first contact with a blogger is prickly, do not give up. Keep the dialog open. A blogger relations venture is akin to the dating process…you must be willing to do a bit of give and take.

(Cross-posted on the PRSA ComPRehension Blog. Thank you to PRSA for inviting me to the conference to blog.)

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