3676771071_95b1ee8375 Since last Thursday, you cannot flip on the TV, radio or Internet without stumbling across a reference of Michael Jackson. I have tried my best to avoid the gossip and scandal about the star I admired as a young child. (My parents still have home video of me wearing a white glove and hat break-dancing.)

All the talk of drug use and past court trials overshadow the talent of this man. Recent rumors of Michael Jackson’s body in a glass coffin being open for viewing to the public are just another shock-and-awe media spectacle. It is sickening and makes me strive to tune out the noise even more.

So, why am I writing a post to further the effervescent chatter?

I will remember Michael Jackson through my life experiences with his music and videos. I have no personal ties or experiences with the rampant rumors about the star. The supposed glass coffin stunt (if true) is just that…another media event. If all you offer is flash, you will never be able to connect with your consumers or evangelize a fan base.

What creates experience? Wonder. Look through the eyes of a child or go back to your childhood and view this past week’s media events. Does it make you cringe? It makes me squirm in embarrassment as a human. This is how I feel about a lot of brands pushing their products and services without knowing what makes their consumers tick.

(Image courtesy of PHOTOberryTV.)

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