Zany: Brazilian Valentine’s Day is 12 June

474570755_f2d2c631fc You may not know, but my beau is Brazilian. As we learn more about each other and deepen our relationship, we are also expanding our knowledge about each other’s cultures.

Valentines Day in Brazil is not celebrated in the way as it is celebrated in other parts of the world and is commemorated on June 12th. This day celebrates St. Anthony of Padua who is believed to bring good fortune on marriages.

Leo (my fiance) sent me my Valentine’s Day present early because I was scheduled to be in DC on 12 June. He wanted me to enjoy my present and card before I left for the conference. So, I, in turn got a card and present ready to mail to Leo to arrive on 12 June.

I received my gift yesterday.

A beautiful card reminding me that this weekend is not just a holiday but the anniversary of the weekend we first met face-to-face in Montreal. AND the June 2009 issue of my favorite magazine, WIRED.

What is so special about the magazine as a present?

The magazine is filled with sticky notes of commentary made by Leo. What I love so much about this man is that we intellectually challenge each other, don’t always agree, but always have dynamic conversations. The sticky notes are sparks of future and meaningful conversations where we will learn more about each other.

So…what did I get for Leo?

(Hold on, I cannot stop laughing.)

Of course, I got a sentimental card with a receipt for a year subscription to WIRED.

I am thinking we were made for each other.

Take a moment and tell the person you love how much they mean to you. Sit down and really talk and actively listen to each other. It is an amazing experience.

(Info from My Dear Valentine.)

In lieu of Valentines Day, the people of Brazil celebrates “Dia dos Namorados”, that is, Boyfriend’s/Girlfriend’s Day on 12th June. Receiving and giving of gifts between girlfriends and boyfriends, husbands and wives is the most important tradition that is associated with this day in Brazil. The gifts include, flower, cards, chocolates, and various other gift items. These gifts differ from one another in their shapes, sizes, and color combinations.

Various shows, concerts and musical events are organized in the state of Brazil on this day, that are attended by the citizens of Brazil in large numbers and these shows and concerts are very popular among the people of Brazil. The hotels of Brazil offer special packages for the occasion of “Dia dos Namorados”.

The citizens of Brazil spent this day with their friends, family and relatives. The activities that are related with this day are, cooking of special meals at home, arranging for a party for friends or taking part in the party celebration, which has been arranged by close associates or family members, spending the day with a special person or making a tour of the local areas or sites to catch a glimpse of the celebrations associated with the occasion “Dia dos Namorados.”

Dance and music are an integral part of the occasion of “Dia dos Namorados”. Learn more about the occasion that takes place instead of Valentines Day in Brazil from My Dear Valentine.

Our Twitter Love Story:

My version.

Leo’s version.

(Image courtesy stinkypony.)

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  • Leonardo Souza

    I’m getting a 1-year WIRED subscription? Yaaay!
    We were definitely (and geekly) made to each other. :)
    Feliz Dia dos Namorados, babe!

  • Shonali Burke, ABC

    Lauren (and Leo) -
    Love love LOVE your story! All versions of it, I might add. My husband and I met online as well – 11 years ago. That was way before Twitter, Facebook, etc., so I guess you could call us “early adopters”. ;-) We met in person 10 days before our wedding (in Calcutta, India). Next month we’ll celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. It took me a long time to find him and once I did, I never looked back. I know that will be the same for both of you. Congratulations!

  • Lauren Vargas

    You are the best, Shonali! You will have to tell me your secret to a ten year anniversary. Congrats!

  • Shonali Burke, ABC

    Lauren – separate bathrooms. ;-)

  • Valentine Gift for Him

    Wow, beautiful story. I met my husband online 5 years ago, well I did not know what facebook was or twitter. I am from India and he is from US. I waited for a long time to find the right man and it was well worth my time not to compromise. This year I am getting a great Valentine gift for him.