Never Eat Alone – My Boston Challenge

2399227241_1eb3d34066 Let me just put this out there…I am not a people person. Networking does not come easy for me, at least not in my native environment.

Working with clients as a community relations manager and/or public relations counselor, I view my position as an anthropologist and study the origins and social relationships among human beings. It is easier to engage in these (client) communities because I am familiar, yet hold certain boundaries. In those communities where I am a native, immersed in the environment and there by personal choice, I revert to being a wallflower. This is not helpful when you work in the public relations industry.

Last spring, I sought change in my work environment. I needed new challenges, but found myself stuck in old ruts and trapped inside a wallflower persona. When I expressed my frustrations, trusted and wise friends gave me the ammunition needed to fuel my personal growth.

Tim Walker suggested I read the book, Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazi. This book is a game changer and I encourage you to read ASAP. (Don’t have time to read? Do what I did and download the audiobook from iTunes and give your morning commute value!)

Ferrazzi discusses mastering the “deep bump” (networking at conferences/business meetings to form a genuine connection), turning cold calls warm and how to build strong and authentic relationships before you need them. Many of the tips Ferazzi suggests are common sense, however, common sense is anything but common! Ferazzi demonstrates how to make these tips successful for you. There are so many examples of how to put these processes into action and relate them to your networking weaknesses. Reform your attitude.

There is no better time to put my skills into action pre and post move to Boston! Therefore, I am issuing a challenge to myself. Beginning 2 September, I will be having lunch with a different person in my new city every Wednesday for 20 weeks! I am already prepping my list of people to contact. Will you join me? Suggestions of people for me to meet? (Not limited to PR/Marketing folks.)

So, I won’t keep you from your reading. Start now. If you have already read the book, leave a comment below about the best tip you took from the book and how you put this tip into action. I am already reading Ferrazzi’s latest book, Who’s Got Your Back, and will post review here soon…

Our table awaits…


(Image courtesy tuffblond66.)

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  • Stuart Foster

    Wow…September 2nd feels so far away for me. However, I will gladly agree to each lunch with you. (Provided I am still in Boston).

  • Lauren Vargas

    Stuart, you are already on my list! ;)