Third time is a charm!

OK…I am putting this out there…perhaps peer pressure and/or support will carry me through the next several weeks. I am taking the APR exam for the third time at the end of June.

Yes, I said third time. Hoping the adage, “third time’s a charm” is true for me.

I began documenting my APR process in late 2006. I made it through the Readiness Review with flying colors, but life drama has clouded the way of exam preparation and completion. This time around I have a personal “study fairy” and a nose-to-the-grindstone study ethic.

Why get the APR? The study process for the APR is a wonderful way for me to go back to my communication roots, discover why I chose this field and evaluate how I have practiced and put theory into practice. I am reestablishing my passion for public relations. The acronym on the signature block means nothing without the drive and results.

As if one ever doubted my passion level…

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  • Richie Escovedo

    Good luck on the exam. I just recently announced my intentions to begin the APR process through the Ft. Worth Chapter PRSA. I’ll be sure to check out your writings on the process for guidance and resources.

  • Sherry

    I’m sure your “study fairy” will get just as much out of it, if not more, as you do. You can do it!

  • Shonali Burke, ABC

    One of the hallmarks of an excellent practitioner is dedication, and you have that in spades, Lauren. I’ll be rooting for you.

  • Lauren Vargas

    Richie – I have no doubt you will soar though APR process with fling colors!
    Sherry – Same to you…we are double trouble, but I think with our double effort we will convert our energy to APR success!
    Shonali – You are such a great person and rock star professional…thank you for kind words and encouragement!