Salute to our teachers – Top 10 Marcom Educators to Follow on Twitter!

Today is National Teacher’s Day. A time to focus and celebrate on the contributions educational professionals make in our learning and personal development. I have been lucky to have learned from the minds of some brilliant scholars! Today, as an educator, I want to take time and thank my peers who continue to mold and shape our future leaders. I learn from them and the students I teach each and every day.

In fact, just this week, I received a comment from a past student who has kept up her blog (after more than two years, since creation for one of my mktg classes) and is using to promote her music aspirations! It is notes like this one that I get from time-to-time that infuse me with energy to keep teaching. At times, I get frustrated and wonder if I am making any impact at all. I become overwhelmed at the laziness of some students and appalled by the number of excuses students devise to get out of assignments.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” -W.B. Yeats

Then I realize, it is not how many pails I fill that make the difference, but the quality of fires I light within students. In return, they give me the fuel I need to keep educating. I am incredibly honored to have this teaching position. I hope to continue teaching upon my move to Boston. It is there, I will complete my PhD and perhaps…teach full-time? The possibilities are endless.

To my fellow educators who blaze a trail before me and the students who push me forward…

Thank YOU.

In the spirit of Karen Russell’s Top 10 PR Educators to Follow on Twitter post, I would like to give a shout-out to my Top 10 MarCom Educators to Follow on Twitter (in random order):

  1. Beth Harte
  2. Robert French
  3. Jennifer Gushue
  4. Neil Bearse
  5. Dean Terry
  6. Allen Weiss
  7. Carol Phillips
  8. Linda Menck
  9. John Talbott
  10. Oliver T. Hellriegel

Granted, not all on the list above are pure marketers, but all are communicators and embracing this tool to stimulate dynamic conversations about marketing communications.

Yesterday, I asked fellow tweeps, if anyone had a marcom prof they would like to give a special salute to for National Teacher’s Day:

carlosguadian @vargasl in Spain we have a lot of teachers using twitter to improve their work like @vcuevas, I give kudos for him

I would also like to give special thanks to fellow educator, Robert French. He founded PROpenMic, a social network for students, faculty and practitioners. Currently, PROpenMic has 4,548 members. Join the conversations between faculty, students and pros and help them reach the 5,000 mark!

Additional Resources:

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  • Karen Russell

    So glad you finally got around to this. :) Can’t wait to follow some of these (the ones I’m not already following, that is). Thanks!

  • Lauren Vargas

    Yes, it took me a bit. wanted to check quality of streams before I posted.

  • Robert French

    Thank you, Lauren! Great list and thanks for the shoutout for PROpenMic. Happy you’re involved.

  • teacherGifts

    In fact, just this week, I received a comment from a past student who has kept up her blog