Zany: Wondertime Magazine Casualty of Current Times

image It is with a heavy heart that I say good-bye to my beloved Disney parenting magazine, Wondertime. Disney has ceased publication of this magazine. How did I find out? Direct mail. I was also informed I would begin receiving Family Fun Magazine in place of Wondertime. The new subscription was confirmed via email.

The news saddens me because this was one of the few magazine subscriptions I have kept. The past two years, I have given a gift subscription to my friends who are mothers. I will miss the stories about teaching children how to volunteer, appreciate the environment and the reality of parenting. I enjoyed the Wondertime blogs, though they have been dormant for three months. Not even a mention of the magazine folding.

Like the purple cow egg? This and other great craft ideas are available on the Family Fun site. Crafts are awesome, but I will miss the stories and connections I made with Wondertime…to me, they were the purple cow magazine.

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  • Veronica

    How sad! Wondertime was hands down my favorite parenting magazine out there. It will be missed!

  • Rachel

    What a bummer! I just came across your blog as I searched for Wondertime information. =(

  • Jessie V

    I Didn’t have the subscription that long but would read (or steal) it while I was at the OB or Dr.s office. It was a great great great magazine. More straight foward and real life thank other parenting mags. Somethign that I would open back up looking for somethign several months later.
    I too gifted this to other moms on several occassions. And I was saddened to recieve notice that I would recieve Family Time (boring and breeze through the “already-read-that-in-another-mag content” in 20 min.
    Have you found any other similar magazines out there?

  • Jessie V