SxSWi09: Wrap-Up

3359061146_0350ea8a24 Thank you for the feedback received about which panels/sessions to attend. The conference this year was lackluster for me. I was disappointed with the limited or no experience of those leading panels/sessions and more intrigued by the ad-hoc conversations occurring in the halls. Of course, limited conversation happened at the parties…a see to be seen environment, not my style.

What I want to see next year is the elimination of guru, ninja or expert besides a person’s name. I want to know what experience these people have to talk about their chosen subject. What have they done? Proof is in the pudding.

Also, can we follow what Kathy Sierra said and “rethink deadness?” Please, no more death and dying in titles. It is what it is.

Will I attend next year?

Yes. Let me tell you why.

I won’t just rant, but participate next year. I have two panels/sessions I will propose…and yes, I will be more than happy to transparently show you my creds.

(Some people drank at SxSWi…I got a tattoo. I am ok with my personal brand… ;) Now scannable! Photo courtesy scripsi_sciptum.)

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