Please note, your syllabus requires you to create a blog for class use. We will discuss the reasoning and use for blog in first class, but please, set-up a blog prior to class through Creation of blog is simple and FREE.

I know this may seem scary, but at the end of the course, I hope you will become more familiar with social media and how to integrate these tools with traditional media practices. I am not the only professor using blogs as a teaching tool. Take a minute to read fellow educator’s post, What does blogging teach?

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  • Lisa Richter

    I sure hope I am doing this right…

  • Ken Zumwalt

    I hope I did this right too

  • Alfred K

    I am not sure if i am doing this right but here is my comment.

  • Devon Sachey

    Hey Ms. V! I didn’t see a catagory for our ADV 110 class, but I wanted to let you know that I have the same blog url. See you tomorrow :)