Zany: If you can’t be famous, be infamous

3330849797_4aeca5b080 And so I am tonight. I would rather you hear it from me. So grab your tissue… No, you won't be sad at the telling of this story, but you will be howling with laughter so hard you will be crying.

I have publicly stated that I am book smart, but I have gaps in common sense.

Tonight I proved that…

It might be possible that I am the sole person who did not recognize Chris Pirillo tonight at the DFW tweet-up hosted by Giovanni. I talked to the man for 20 minutes after being introduced and then…

You guessed it…

I asked him who he was and what he did.

Yep. Open mouth, insert foot.

The man's brand is HIS FACE.

I must say, though, he needs to work on his elevator pitch.

Yes, I know who Chris is and what he has accomplished. No, I don't watch his live stream every waking minute. I may have other things going on… The last time I saw him live streaming was Gnomedex last year. And his Twitter avatar is a cartoon image.

Forgive me. I did not recognize the Internet celebrity.

This on the heels of a whirlwind five days at SxSWi where the entire trip is about meet and greet. I was in the zone.


Chris handled my F*up with grace. Quite humbling, really. In fact I saw less important people than him at SxSWi this past week who frowned upon others and took their miniscule fandom a bit too seriously. Not Chris. I am mighty impressed. Of course, in the scheme of things, Chris will most likely not remember me or my screw-up…I wish I could bury it, but it was done before Giovanni!

Tough luck, kiddo.

Here is an important lesson. Just when I think a little to highly of myself and my talents…my ego gets flattened. This is a good thing.

So, thank you to Chris for laughing it up tonight and playing along.

(Photo courtesy, the man himself, 10ckergn0me.)

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  • Chris Pirillo

    Are you kidding?! You’re a total sweetheart!
    Besides, I always attend these events for great conversations.. and you held up your end quite well.

  • Lauren Vargas

    Chris, you are too nice…

  • sherry

    It’s true. You do make great conversation.

  • Lauren Vargas

    Yes, when I act like myself I am entertaining…everyone has a dingbat hidden inside!