SXSWi Tentative Schedule

image As I posted last week, if you cannot be at SxSWi, let me be your guide! This is a tentative schedule of sessions (not all events I plan to attend). There is still time to let me know in the comments section, what sessions you would like to see me cover!

Lauren's Tentative Schedule:

Friday, 13 March

Saturday, 14 March

Sunday, 15 March

Monday, 16 March

Tuesday, 17 March

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To follow SXSWi happenings:

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  • Follow individual session/panel discussions. Each event has been assigned a unique tag (i.e. #SX09-1234 – with the 1234 changing for each event). I will use these tags for tweets, posts, flickr and video uploads. Event tags are listed on each event's individual page. Do use Tweetgrid or Tweetchat to monitor or join in multiple discussions!
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  • malissa fry

    Hello Ms.Vargas, I thought about you the other day when I was updating the blog that I originally started for your class. Yes, I have kept it up almost 2 years later. However, now I use it to promote music. Which is what brought me to comment since I went to SXSW also but for the music portion. Anyway, If you would like to see what your class created, checked it out at
    I would love to hear any advise or suggestions that you have for me. Ps.. i just bought some awesome sketcher shoes with a pink peace sign on them that you would prob love.
    Talk Soon.