SxSWi Sound Off

The long weekend and SxSWi are coming to an end. Unfortunately, the panels/sessions were not extremely compelling to me. The biggest value was found in the ad hoc core discussion groups formed throughout the conference. This conference would be more valuable to me if the sessions were divided into tracks with genuine thought leadership and discussion, rather than one large frat party competing against the few good panels.

Economic strains were evident at this conference. The money was not as free flowing or visible as years past. The crowd is extremely young. The frustration is at an all time high. The "scene" fueling the ego…

My tweets were limited and blog posts non-existent because reflection is needed before I ramble off on this channel. I have realized here at SxSWi, assumptions are not sexy or professional and resistance against conclusion jumping will be the divider for those of us who remain standing while others fall. This week I will post my findings and offer context and substance in my panel/session posts.

Don't get me wrong…the conference was not a bad experience. I met some fantastic people in person, networked with the Boston crowd and am coming home with several ideas and thoughts rattling around inside my head!

It is the dawn of a new day.

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