Can’t be at SXSWi 2009? Let me be your guide!

image SMC pal, Todd (aka @Ronin691) and I were discussing the upcoming SXSWi conference at the Mobile Monday event in Dallas, 2 March. Can you believe SXSWi is next week?!

Unlike last year, I am not begging for a sponsor or one-day pass. Trust me, I made the most of my one day at SXSWi last year…we left Dallas to drive to Austin before dawn, officially entered the exhibit hall, snuck into conference and lounge area, then to the Austin SMC party…drove back to Dallas at three in the morning and reported to work four hours later!This year, I will be able to take in the entire SXSWi experience beginning on my arrival, 12 March and departure 17 March!

So, how shall I keep myself occupied in Austin? Do I go OCD and plan every minute of each day or do I go with the flow? It is Austin, after all… As much as I would like to "go with the flow," I doubt my psyche could take the freedom, so I am turning the reins over to you, my readers and friends who will not be able to join the gathering of social media "experts" and "gurus."

I have gone through the schedule and determined those panels/discussions/keynotes I would enjoy attending. (If you are attending SXSWi, the Communicatrix has a great checklist of what to do before the event.) I am shocked at the lack of "big name" panels, but Todd told me he thought this was purposeful to encourage fresh voices and thinking so that social media would not jump the shark. I dig fresh voices, but I am counting on quality content. What will get me jazzed up and inspired? What will spur your creative juices?

So peruse the SXSWi schedule. What sessions do you want me to cover and relay back to you? Let me know by Twitter or in the comments section of this post your suggestions.

To follow SXSWi happenings:

  • Follow SXSWi on Twitter.
  • Follow individual session/panel discussions. Each event has been assigned a unique tag (i.e. #SX09-1234 – with the 1234 changing for each event). I will use these tags for tweets, posts, flickr and video uploads. Event tags are listed on each event's individual page. Do use Tweetgrid or Tweetchat to monitor or join in multiple discussions!

Do you have tips to share with fellow attendees or for those wanting to follow the scene from afar?

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  • Todd

    There is only *one* event at SXSW this year…
    …the Mashable party. :)

  • The Audioprof

    Hey there…
    It’s the Audioprof again.
    Here’s my list:
    How to Create a Great Company Culture
    Room Hilton E
    Sunday, March 15th
    Your Personal Blog is Dead
    Room 5A
    Sunday, March 15th
    3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
    Old Media Finds New Voice Through Twitter
    Room 5B
    Sunday, March 15th
    3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
    11:30 am – 12:30 pm
    Enough for now…Geez, why aren’t I going to this ?

  • Phoenix auto glass

    There is one event at SXSW this year.