Why You Should Sponsor the Twestival: Creative Capitalism

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Twest Last night was the first night of my International Marketing class. Usually the first night, as I unveil the syllabus and blogging responsibilities, I have a lot of deer-in-the-headlight looks . In the spirit of international learning, I ended the overwhelming evening with a video from last year's World Economic Forum session with Bill Gates talking about creative capitalism. His words got me thinking…

I am so jazzed about being a part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Twestival Organization Committee. Being part of the global Twestival event is inspiring! The limited time frame and scouting for sponsorships is a bit frustrating. In this economy, people and corporations are keeping their money a little closer and we are finding it challenging to sign-up local companies to sponsor the event. Why should companies sponsor this event? Creative Capitalism. The Twestival is an innovative way to solve a major problem (water supply) while generating buzz and profits of the supporting businesses.

Find out more about the Dallas/Fort Worth Twestival and become part of the buzz by volunteering or sponsoring the cause!

You can help us deliver safe, clean water to a community in need by becoming a:

  • Well Builder ($500), entitling you to provide marketing materials at the event and being featured in all promotion
  • Partner ($250), giving you the opportunity to benefit from all online promotions

For more information on becoming a sponsor contact Lauren Vargas using a Twitter direct message or via email 12comm [at] sbcglobal [dot] net .

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