Don’t forget where you came from…

Yesterday, I monitored (via Tweetchat-love it) the conversation surrounding #smgov. The crowd tweeting the event and joining in the discussion from other parts of the world, definitely knew about social media, but the folks attending the conference…not so much.

Earlier in the day…

@levyj413: Reality: most gov’t folks don’t know Twitter or concepts like hashtag. Most gov’t ppl aren’t in the tech savvy crowd. #smgov


@mixtmedia: topic just came up about whether this event has a hastag, what is a hashtag, etc. concern from audience that you tweeps didn’t pay.. #smgov

I snap back, after just reading how they are discussing “sharing” in conference…

@vargasl: @mixtmedia Wow…concern? What happened to wisdom of crowds and sharing that knowledge? #smgov


@barbchamberlain: @mixtmedia Concern at #smgov that your tweets give away content? How NOT to get this brave new world….. Makes us want to go next time.

@guyma: @mixtmedia ‘Concern that we didn’t pay’ – doesn’t sound like ‘social media’ to me – sounds like same ‘ol govt. mentality – :( #smgov

I wish I could have attended the conference. Working for the DoD, yet being located in Dallas, Texas, makes me feel out of the loop. I couldn’t decide if I found the conversation yesterday to be motivating or discouraging. After all, aren’t these the same conversations I have had the past five years with my management? Why did I think other government agencies/people were different? Ugh.

Wait a second…

Lauren, will you practice what you preach? Tolerance. Get outside the echo chamber.

Thank you.

Doh! In 2006, I tweeted the same comment about whether or not the content I was sharing about a Social Media Club event I was attending in Austin was ethical because others had not paid for the conference and I did.

Lesson learned. Remember where you came from…you weren’t born with all this knowledge you carry around with the label of an “expert.”

I stand corrected.

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  • mixtmedia

    Hey Lauren, thanks so much for writing about #smgov and including my tweet! I wish that you could have attended in person, as well. I often take being in DC for granted. Thanks for reminding me to appreciate the resources that I have access to on a regular basis.

  • Lauren Vargas

    @mixtmedia: Thank you for tweeting the conference! It is because of people like you, knowledge is shared and acted upon.