Zany: I resolve not to be resolved

152766728_3428d17ef8 I am not fond of resolutions. I prefer to set goals I work toward fulfilling. Perhaps I will not complete this year, but the objectives I set to support my goals keep track of my progress and depict I am moving forward. One lump sum resolution is not fulfilling.

One of the many objectives I have set this year for personal and professional development has been to increase my meditation time. Last year, I allowed circumstances to control my life and could never find time for me. Such neglect led to the insanity of making the same mistakes multiple times.

Meditation and the creative process go hand-in-hand. I invite you to read this article by Centeno, The Meditation: The Creative Process. Please share your mediation techniques. Take the time to nourish yourself this year. Doing so will help you and those around you grow in abundance!

(Photo courtesy nsmchris.)

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