Patience is a virtue

“A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.” -Dutch proverb

2327905611_4c1b1d1496 Something I very seldom hear or read about in the social media echo chamber is of the virtue of patience. Today, Geoff Livingston and Beth Harte address the 25 Signs You’ve Got a Strong SM Consultant or Agency. An item not addressed is that of patience required of the SM consultant or agency and such attitude being reinforced by the consultant to the company.

Think about it. Old school public relations and marketing thought is all about getting results NOW. Especially in an unstable economy, instant gratification is being pushed now more than ever. Read now. Click here. Do this and that…NOW. If you build it, they will not come. You must build the relationship first…not the community first. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

Building relationships takes patience. We talk time and time again of the power of active listening. Such participation takes patience. The SM consultant must be honest that results are not instantaneous, the conversation is not instant and viral is lightning in a bottle.

This may ruffle some feathers, but being interactive does not mean closing the deal the first go around. Granted, it is ideal to build conversions on first impression, but such transactions require trust and transparency. This is not acquired in first contact. A good SM consultant or company sets expectations and defines the value over time. The pyramids were not built in a day.

  • Why are you in such a hurry?
  • What are the triggers that often make you or the client lose your patience? Look for patterns in your attitude and company’s actions.
  • Defeat boredom.
  • Learn to let go and expect the unexpected.
  • Remember what matters.

(Photo courtesy feelix.)

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  • laurent

    So true. Patience is a big component of wisdom…(don’t we have to wait 30-40 years or more in my case to become wise ourselves). The wise SM consultant/participant knows it’s about relationship/influence/recognition/trust and those are built one stone at a time to reuse the pyramid analogy.

  • Kami W Huyse

    Yes, this is especially hard when working in a billable hours model. I think that there has to be a reasonable expectation of results to time spent.

  • Beth Harte

    Lauren, excellent addition! Very true indeed. And not only to be patient ourselves, but to educate clients on being patient as well. It’s funny that patience is accepted when it comes to the sales cycle (for the most part), especially when they are long. But when it comes to PR, marketing and communications companies expect quick results (which, coincidently, are often not related to quality).

  • Lauren Vargas

    Kami-Yes, billable hours are a headache and test of patience.
    Beth-I am writing a follow-up post on patience within the client relationship! Big lesson learned for me.