CRM Magazine needs to learn about "relationships"

This past November, I called out the CRM Magazine Twitter handle, @detinationCRM, for not following anyone. I faithfully read CRM Magazine and find learning about CRM theories and software fascinating! And, yes, I still read a print publication! In the November issue, I spotted a quarter-page section promoting CRM on Twitter…tweet us directly by using @destinationCRM at the start of the message.

I asked @destinationCRM:

@destinationCRM browsing mag & came upon Twitter ID advertisement. Twitter is supposed to be a conversaion, right? So why no friends? 12:34 PM Nov 12th, 2008 from twhirl in reply to destinationCRM


@vargasl A perfectly fair question. But “following” is hardly a prerequisite for conversation! 4:22 PM Nov 13th, 2008 from web in reply to vargasl

Does such an act as not following anyone back not fly in the face of conversation and relationship building? CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT?

I let the argument die on Twitter two months ago, but last night as I am browsing the CRM Magazine January issue, I get riled up again!

The section promoting CRM on Twitter includes tweets about that month’s topic. However, the tweets were not in direct conversation with @destinationCRM. Meaning, the tweets did not begin with ‘@’ but looked as if a keyword had been searched and interesting tweets regarding that topic pulled for publication. How is that conversation?

Still @destinationCRM has no friends…192 followers, are you feeling ignored?

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  • Todd

    “…following is hardly a prerequisite for conversation!”
    Oh good grief!
    I see this same total ignorance in other companies and people as well. I even try to help them out, write a quick email, ‘splain it to them.
    Some just want to put their fingers in their ears and go “la, la, la I can’t hear you!” on purpose so they won’t have to face the reality of how drastically communications are changing.
    “C’est la vie”

  • Chris Bailey

    I agree, Todd. Sounds like the folks at CRM Magazine are trying to grab onto something buzzy without fully grasping the nature of the things.
    If anything, this exposes them as people who need to understand relationships (the foundation of CRM) are changing. And I think it reflects poorly on their own reputation as a voice in CRM matters. Whether or not they want to believe it, social media and relationships are going to get more integrated and connected…ignoring it will be to their own peril.

  • Lauren Vargas

    Todd and Chris,
    Both of you are right on…individuals and companies alike must participate in the space before they try promoting or creating space of their own.