Zany: Seven Things You Don’t Know About Me

2540307471_3d3ab02057 Disclaimer: This is not a futile attempt to build my personal brand! Ha! Ok…had to say that because I was tagged by dear friend, Geoff Livingston.

  1. I used to do a spider dance before going to bed to keep spiders from biting me while asleep….deep rooted arachnophobia because I lived in a renovated basement in Oklahoma where brown recluses are abundant…of course, this also stems from OCD!
  2. I despise drinking water.
  3. My dream of seeing Paris in winter is finally coming true.
  4. I named my daughter after a title of an Anne Rice novel.
  5. Diamonds are not this girl's best friend. I prefer emeralds, moonstone and amber gems. Although I will not frown on anything that appears in a blue box.
  6. One day, I would like to complete falconry training.
  7. Ketchup belongs on everything.

Here are the peeps I would like to hear from:

Lauren Fernandez; Terry Morawski; Trish Forant; Laura P. Thomas; Leonardo Souza; Sherry Carr Deer and Barbara Nixon.

(Picture courtesy parakeetpeach.)

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  • Jessica

    Naming your daughter after a book title is romantic.
    I, too, love little blue boxes!

  • Trish | eMail Our Military

    OMG I love memes!

  • Geoff Livingston

    LOL, ketchup and Ann Rice work!

  • Lauren Vargas

    yep…keeping it real. ;)

  • Laura P Thomas

    Thanks for thinking of me! Finally got my “Seven Things” posted today:

  • donnam

    Spider dance? Could you do that in class on Thursday? You may start a new fade.