Twitter Class Assignment

Reminder: NO Class 18 December (I will be checking to see if you have posted for this week!)

During the holiday break, your class work load will include creating a Twitter account and participating in marketing communication conversation with classmates and other tweeple! Please follow the instructions below and join in the conversation today!

Setting Up Your Twitter Account

  1. Go to Twitter. Click Get Started, and sign up. I prefer it if you use some version of your first and last name as your Twitter ID. (Avoid putting numbers in your Twitter ID, or you may appear like a spammer.)
  2. Upload a photo or avatar.
  3. Write a brief (140-character or fewer) bio. It’s good to mention that you’re a university student.
  4. If you want your updates to be private and visible only to those you choose, please check ‘Protect My Updates’ button on first page in Settings. Make sure you allow your classmates to follow you! Check your email for Twitter follow requests.

Setting Up Your Follower List

  1. Provide us with your Twitter ID in the comment section of this post. Add all classmates. 
  2. Click on the Twitter URL for each person in our class. For example, my Twitter URL is
  3. When the Twitter page loads, click the Follow button.

  4. Repeat this process for each person in the class.

  5. You may follow additional people if you choose. A great way to begin finding like-minded people is to follow people your followers are following. Check my follower list for many PR/Marketing minds!

Using Twitter

  1. Over the course of the next three weeks, send at least ten tweets (Twitter messages of 140 characters or less) per week. Your tweets could concern something you’re doing or perhaps point others to something interesting or funny you read online. Maybe you could even pose a question that you’d like others to answer. I will post from my class Twitter ID topics corresponding to syllabus reading list.
  2. Also, respond to your classmates’ tweets. To respond, click on the arrow after a tweet. Or you can type the @ symbol followed immediately by a username (such as @VargasNWMKTG).

Twitter Tools

Applications to assist managing tweets:Twhirl (Desktop), Tweetdeck (Desktop), Twitterberry (Blackberry), and Twitterific (iPhone and iTouch).

PR 2.0: Twitter Tools for Community and Communications Professionals

Pistachio: Twitter for Business Reading List

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    Here’s my Twitter link!

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    here’s my twitter url

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    Here is my Twitter Link.

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    Here is my twitter url?

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    Here is my twitter url.

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    Ms. Vargas here is my twitter url.

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    Here is my twitter url.

  • Rick Lopez

    Happy New Year. I’ve been Twitting along since Dec 18th. Under the name of RickyLo
    Hello, new Twitter!

  • Rick Lopez

    Happy New Year. I’ve been Twitting along since Dec 18th. Under the name of RickyLo
    Hello, new Twitter!