Walking on eggshells

180423643_d076816fbb For the last several months I have been censoring myself on this blog. I did not realize I was doing it until after I tweeted about being in the minority and my thoughts were better kept to myself. A friend tweeted back and told me not to hold back…that is what they liked about me…that I don’t hold back. Currently in my delicious bookmarks, I have 136 tagged items in my ToDo category-136 items I have been afraid to touch because what I may have to say may not be within the confines of the echo-chamber. Being afraid of my words? Wow, never thought that would be me.

After reading The Atlantic November 08 article, Why I Blog, by Andrew Sullivan, my self-censorship became more apparent. I started my blog for many of the same reasons as Sullivan. Blogging was “like taking a narcotic.” I was writing out loud and free as a bird. My mind was not burdened with questions or grudges. I let loose. In the beginning, it was not always the most mature form of self-publishing, but I was me discovering me.

In the beginning I had no pretension of authority. My fearlessness knew no bounds. Blogger’s block? What was that? I embraced the role of truth seeker and free flowing conversation with my peers. So what changed?

Sullivan says it best, “…blogging suffers from the same flaws as postmodernism: a failure to provide stable truth or a permanent perspective.” The problem is not that blogging has become mainstream, but that there is a lack of original thought and voice. I have heard countless times this year journalism is dead.

Ha! This is not true. I agree with Sullivan, “…this is actually a golden era for journalism. The blogosphere has added a whole new idiom to the act of writing and has introduced an entirely new generation of nonfiction. It has enabled writers to write out loud in ways never seen or understood before. And yet it has exposed a hunger and a need for traditional writing that, in the age of television’s dominance, had seemed on the wane. Words, of all sorts, have never seemed so now.

So, what am I going to do? Lauren is going to get back her moxy!

(Photo courtesy TalayehS.)

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  • http://twitter.com/ronin691 Todd

    Awesome! You go Stella…err…Lauren. Git yur groove back.
    But where are the conversations that went previously self-censored? Don’t see’m here on this blog.
    If you are going to start some positive rancor ( which is a good thing ) can we readers have more powerful commenting tools? Like threaded comments, lively debate, Dedicated RSS feeds for a single post’s comments, email notification someone replied to something I wrote?

  • http://overtonecomm.blogspot.com Kami W Huyse

    Great post, great sentiment, bring 2009 on!

  • http://12commanonymous.typepad.com/ Lauren Vargas

    Todd…right on! Upgrading blog with those tools!