Strategy cannot be thought of last…

102267968_3ddd04b1d5 Earlier this week, I had the privilege of talking to one of the American Heart Association affiliate marketing communication teams about integrating social media tools in their programs. Great group of communicators – open minds and excited! The day before our session, many new tools were introduced to them by various speakers. I could see their minds were working overtime to capture all the opportunities where they could implement these shiny new tools.

Those who have been my students or have watched me speak, know I do not like to lecture. I prefer to make sessions interactive. (I do learn from the best….have you seen Kami Huyse in action? She makes you work! No dozing during her sessions!) So, in prepping to speak with AHA, I decided it would be fun to play the Social Media Card Game! The game was created last year by Beth Kanter and David Wilcox. The purpose of this game is to trigger conversations about what social media tools may be appropriate in different situations, and further explore the issues raised in the presentation by David and Beth.

During my session with AHA, our card game budget was limited to 10 points. This defined the amount of tools one could implement for any one situation. The group was split into three smaller groups to discuss how to integrate social media tools into their program ideas. The ideas were brilliant and definitely infused with excitement of implementing and seeing these tools in action. However, many of the ideas for how to incorporate and use the various social media tools and networks, were not not thought through completely. This is a common error. Some lessons learned I documented from the session:

  • Find the right tool for the right strategy for the right community.
  • You cannot plan viral!
  • Think long term – do not limit yourself to “campaign” timeline thinking.
  • Leverage network after the promotion.
  • Build in preparation and time for monitoring, participation and evaluation.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to complete the who & why matrix, character storyline and project storyline, but I gave these documents to the group and I, too, took these tools to the office and will use for my future planning! All of these tools are available on the Social Media Card Game Wiki.

Check out the Social Media Card Game and play at your next team meeting or speaking opportunity! Already have? Tell me about your experience!

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  • Stephanie Elsea

    Thanks so much for your insight and expertise. We very much appreciated all you were able to teach us via the card game. I’m also grateful for your ability to help guide my team back to strategy vs Bright Shiny Objects!
    Enjoyed working with you and hope to do it again soon.

  • Lauren Vargas

    Your group was terrific! Thank you for having me! It was refreshing to see your group of communicators so open to using these tools! Really creative group!