Has it already been one year? Now really is gone!

Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the Now Is Gone book release! Unbelievable how time flies. It is amazing to be part of the ebb and flow of the social media world, but also to be grounded in a sense of reality (balance knowledge and continuous learning) of how to use these new communication tools. We are communicators…not social media gurus or rock stars! I am very proud of my friend and author, Geoff Livingston. It was a privilege to work with Geoff and Ike Pigott. Together we wrote 200 blog posts on the Now Is Gone blog (archived and still available to view). I learned valuable lessons, and continue to learn, from these two gentlemen.

If you haven’t checked out the book or blog…both are must-reads!

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  • http://www.livingstonbuzz.com/blog Geoff Livingston

    Thanks, Lauren. It was an honor working with you!