Play it Forward

akoha-logo-header I am very stoked about a new social media card game, Akoha. Thanks to Chris Heuer, I received an Akoha VIP Starter Deck at this past weekend's Social Media Breakfast in Dallas! I feel like we should be repaying him and Kristie Wells for making a trip to our neck of the woods to see our group!

What is Akoha?

Akoha: n. a launchpad for traveling acts of kindness.

Akoha is a reality based play-it-forward game. The game is played by launching the missions found in the VIP Starter Deck into the world. Missions are simple activities that can be "played forward" from person to person. Missions are considered complete when your friend/player confirms the mission at

You earn karma points by launching missions and helping others play their missions forward. Adding videos, photos and stories to your missions earns you extra points. Your missions continue to earn you points as long as they (the cards) keep traveling. You can also create your own missions in the mission factory and track their progress as others play them around the world.

(From what I understand, Chris does not get karma points because he handed out the starter packs, but I think he should definitely have some good karma passed his way!)

For more information on how to play Akoha visit

So…I have a stack of 24 cards and ready to play-it-forward!

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  • Austin Hill

    Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for the blog post and enthusiasm about Akoha. Looking forward to seeing how your missions play out.
    -Austin (from Akoha)

  • Linda Margaret

    Think of what this could mean for company culture discussions and CSR debates! If company employees signed up to play, you could “track” which companies produce the most karma via their employees. See if company culture matches more “academic” cultures.

  • Lauren Vargas

    That sound like a very interesting idea…going to pick it up?