Zany: Jokes & Juggling

376544063_bc29a0ad7c It’s so good to have Friday Zany posts back. Two posts caught my eye this week:

Scott Monty asks, “How many social media experts does it take to change a light bulb?” His original answer: “309. One to come up with the idea, three to turn it into a strategy, five to execute it, and 300 to influence someone else to do it.” Read responses from others and it is bound to make you laugh!

Also, all of us are overwhelmed with new media buzz words. Marketing Profs Daily Fix shares with us newly minted expressions created by Chicago-based advertising/PR agency, Cramer-Krasselt. If my mom reads this post, she will definitely use the term “mouse potato” to describe me!

And…out of the archives comes a post about saving money and planning a money-free weekend! Think I might try #8 Learn how to juggle with my daughter!


(Photo courtesy pounceroth.)

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