Web 2.0 Fatigue

How do you cope in an over-connected, over-hyped world? Relationships are no longer forged solely in the physical world, but the virtual world. Do you judge your significance based upon the number of friends/followers you have through online social networks? When was the last time you hooked up with someone at a restaurant or bar? Do you meet new people online or networking at a conference? Times are changing. Many social networks overlap. Shiny new tools duplicate features. Keeping up is a full-time job.

“Personally, I think Web 2.0 already is tired,” Mark Cuban wrote in a recent post on BlogMaverick. “When social networking or Twittering, applications that are nice to have, but not a need to have, are the best we can do. We ain’t doing much. Let’s get real. As much fun as Twittering can be, shouldn’t we all be able to agree that if it’s the latest and greatest application, the Internet has Jumped the Shark?”

No, I don’t agree Web 2.0 is tired, but I think we need to put more time and effort into understanding how people are using and experiencing these tools versus trying to outdo the next guy.

So, before you burn out, check out these ideas for staying fresh from Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand. (I added my own suggestion below to correspond with Anna’s list.)

  1. Stagger your new media/tool adoption. You don’t have to try everything the same time as everyone else. Let the kinks be worked out before you dive in. Or wait until you have a valid reason for checking out the new tool. For example, I was introduced to Diigo over two months ago, but just installed and used for the first time this weekend in conjunction with a research project.
  2. Social networks are at their best when they complement face-to-face relationships. I tend not to add everyone I may know indirectly online to my networks until I have met them in person. Usually, after conferences I dedicate time to update my contact lists. This is when I feel inspired!
  3. One of my greatest strengths is also one of my greatest weaknesses: I love routine and structure. Switch it up! I am becoming more comfortable with audio as a way to communicate my ideas when I am on the road or working out. Why stop creative juices from flowing all the time?
  4. You know I am all about getting down to the root of the problem and getting back to basics for solutions. Take time to review the CA Steps to becoming a better communicator.
  5. You must get out there and explore if you ever want to be a guide!


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  • http://www.theengagingbrand.com Anna

    Hi – glad you liked the idea. This came from a discussion I had on a podcast (http://www.thepodcastsisters.com/2008/07/podcast-sisters.html
    Key I think is taking a new look at the meaning – at what you want to achieve, looking at what inspired you in the first place and recreate that. I also limit my time now on a daily basis, by logging off it plays into the absence makes the heart grow fonder idea :)

  • http://12commanonymous.typepad.com/ Lauren Vargas

    Thank you for sharing the podcast, Anna!

  • http://www.pressrelease001.com Andy Walpole

    I can’t help but think that one day Web 2.0 will be a dirty word…
    You know, something somebody says then everybody giggles…
    “That’s sooo Web 2.0″